World Comic Book Review

29th September 2023

HEART EYES (review) —”Come we are one”

Writer: Dennis Hopeless Artists: Victor Ibáñez, Addison Duke Vault 2023 LIFE UNDER A MICROSCOPE looks scary. The tale of teen-girl Lupe in the five-issues of HEART EYES, just out in 2023, appears to be a huge allegory of life under a microscope, magnifying those eensy-weensy alien microbes in our guts, which have co-existed in creatures … Read more

A CALCULATED MAN—”Make room for romance”

Writer: Paul Tobin Artist: Alberto Alburquerque Colorist: Mark Englert Aftershock 2022 A CLEVER STRIDE COURSES through the four-issue mini-series A CALCULATED MAN (2022), inviting you to follow along through little layers of real-life activities of super-smart guy Jack Beans, our hero, sort of, as he pursues his agenda. Scenes shift from Jack doing things, to … Read more

PRINCE VALIANT (revisited) —“Above all strive to do right”

Writer/Artist: Hal Foster and epigoni Fantagraphics TRAVELING MAKES GOOD ADVENTURE, depending on who goes with you. Sunday mornings in a house with a daily newspaper, since my youth decades ago and still today, traveling a while with PRINCE VALIANT inside the comic pages through luscious landscapes and pointed encounters with a wide variety of characters—maidens, … Read more