World Comic Book Review

2nd December 2023

The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded (review)

The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded Abrams ComicArts, 2016 Writer: Jim Ottaviani The afterword to this comic notes the 2009 formal posthumous apology to Alan Turing in the United Kingdom parliament made by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown on behalf of the British Government. It also notes the 2013 pardon granted by Queen Elizabeth II for … Read more

The Death of Stalin (review)

The Death of Stalin (review) Titan Comics, 2017 Writer: Fabian Nury A motion picture based upon this comic is due for release in 2018. It is billed as a comedy, and has a wonderful cast of comedic actors including Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Buschemi, and Michael Palin. Those wishing to read the source material and enjoy … Read more

Becoming Andy Warhol (Review)

Becoming Andy Warhol
Abrams Comicsart, 2016
Writer: Nick Bertozzi

To the best of our knowledge, the last time a comic book addressed the art and artistry of American pop art icon Andy Warhol was in a Vertigo Comics’ 2004 experimental project entitled “Vertical”. That stand-alone comic was unconventionally formatted to resemble a series of photographic frames. Writer and artist Mike Allred within “Vertical” told the story of a romance within the subculture of Mr Warhol’s base of operations, called the Factory, and artistically conveyed this using the plainly recognisable frames of reference of Mr Warhol’s brand of pop art.

“Becoming Andy Warhol” is slightly different from “Vertical” in that the plot, rather than the illustration of the story, is a manifestation of pop art. The comic consists of a sequence of chapters which capture Mr Warhol’s life both before he was famous, and as he became successful.

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