World Comic Book Review

3rd December 2023

Rocket Girl Volume 1 (Review)

Rocket Girl Volume 1 Written by Brandon Montclare Publisher: Image Comics Trade Paperback: October 2016 Science fiction novelist Poul Anderson has his Time Patrol books, in which time police destroys rogue fictional realities (a series of novels running from 1955 to 1995). Isaac Asimov’s The End of Eternity, from 1955 is very similar. More recently, … Read more

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #27 (Review)

moon girl

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #27 Marvel Comics, January 2018 Writer: Brandon Montclare At World Comic Book Review, we try to critique first issues or the beginnings of new story arcs whenever possible, but occasionally we find ourselves considering an issue which has been pulled out of an ongoing story. Marvel Comics’ decision to include … Read more