World Comic Book Review

20th September 2023

Green Lanterns #1 and #2 (review)

Green Lanterns #1 and #2 (review)
(DC Comics, June 2016)
Writers: #1 =Geoff Johns and Sam Humphries
#2 – Sam Humphries

The comic book characters known as and featuring in the new title “Green Lanterns” are, in American comic book publisher DC Comics’ mythology, a corps of interstellar peacekeepers, their numbers derived from various alien species. Each Green Lantern is armed with a ring capable of translating thought into plasma constructions. The concept remains fresh even though it was (re-)formulated in 1959 (there was another, non-science fiction version dating back to 1940).

We have written about two “Green Lantern” comics before (Parallax Error and Edge of Oblivion) with disparaging conclusions. This review is no different in tone, although on this occasion we concentrate upon the broader, systemic flaws of one of the writers, Geoff Johns, rather than the editorial failure in conceptual delivery we described previously.

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