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27th September 2023

Civil War II – The Accused #1 (review)

Civil War II – The Accused #1
Marvel Comics
August 10, 2016
Writer: Marc Guggenheim

“The Accused” is a standalone tie-in to American publisher Marvel Comic’s annual crossover event, this year entitled “Civil War II”. This cross-promotional publication event is, in essence, a marketing ploy to encourage readers of Marvel Comics to buy additional titles, as a consequence of being introduced to those characters through the tie-in.

In this event, Marvel Comics’ major characters are being divided over what to do with a new character that has the ability to predict the future. One side chooses to exploit the character’s gift by being proactive (apprehending criminals before crime is committed). The other side considers a reactive approach to be more ethical. Marvel Comics has actively explored the consequences of time travel in recent years, in both “The Avengers” and the “Uncanny X-men” titles, and in many ways this concept is an extension of considering the Butterfly Effect upon its continuity.

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