World Comic Book Review

7th June 2023

Dark Beach #1-2 (Review)

Dark Beach #1-2 Merely Human Studios, LLC, 2017 Writers: Michael J Rulz-Unger and Tucker Tota “Gordo dreams of a sun he has never seen,” the first issue of this title begins gently. “They told us the old sun was gone.” Dystopias in comic books are rarely quiet. This title, “Dark Beach”, creaks and shuffles with … Read more

Fallen: Self Made Man (Review)

“Fallen: Self Made Man”
Brisket Gaming LLP, 2016
Writer: Ryan Garcia

Writing in 1883, German philosopher and writer Friedrich Nietzsche in his book “Thus Spake Zarathustra”, and in 1886 in his book “Beyond Good and Evil”, proposed that any being may fulfil their ultimate potential and that all it took was “will to power”. This fundamental drive is, in Nietzschean theory, stronger than the will to live. The “will to power” is considered by some scholars to mean a struggle against one’s surroundings that culminates in personal growth, self-overcoming, and self-perfection.

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Super Ready Battle Armour #1-4 (Review)

Super Ready Battle Armour #1-4
Team SRBA, 2016
Writer: Bradley Adan

New South Wales is very far from Japan. But Australian creators Bradley Adan and Michael Milhan have immersed themselves in the type of manga genre called akuma shonen, and delivered a story which is clearly a cousin to a title such as “Tokyo Ghoul“.

The protagonist, a young man with the unlikely and off-putting name “Infector”, has the power to see the extent of life and death in a living creature, represented as an battery symbol floating adjacent to the creature’s head. “I can see how much time some of us have left,” Infector notes in an inner monologue, “… and how lucky some of us really are.”

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