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25th September 2023

Vote Loki #1 (Review)

Vote Loki #1
Marvel Comics, May 31, 2016
Writer: Christopher Hastings

It is not a surprise that Marvel would come out with an election-themed miniseries right around the time when the United States is getting ready for its election, and neither is the decision to craft it around the Marvel supervillain and trickster god Loki. Politics, particularly the United States’, is now more than ever a very easy target for satire. There are numerous real world examples that the publisher can satirize using their version of the Norse god of lies and mischief.

The premise is simple. Loki wants to become the next U.S. president. But the way it is handled is surprisingly nuanced in balancing the protagonist’s character foibles against politics. We discuss that in some detail below.

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Sidekick Lost

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier Volume 1 – The Man on the Wall
Marvel Comics, October 2014
Writer: Alec Kot

Marvel Comics, an American publisher of predominantly superhero themed comic books, is almost certainly lost on what to do with its character The Winter Soldier. A legacy child sidekick character written to have died in World War Two, and thereby providing a tragic backdrop to Captain America’s fight against evil, the character was revived and then served as a substitute Captain America in 2013. Once the original Captain America returned from the dead and resumed his name and costume, what to do with the Winter Soldier? This problem was especially pronounced by the success of the movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” released in April 2014. Interested and new readers might like the character and want to buy a title featuring its adventures.

When the star of the show returns, the understudy quietly leaves the stage. The challenge is to do this with finesse, to repurpose the character in a way which preserves its fundamental integrity. Marvel Comics decided, oddly, to place the character in space, serving as an intergalactic assassin and agent provocateur. It makes no sense having regards to the character’s history and does not work.

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