World Comic Book Review

3rd December 2023

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! (review) Book 1

Writer: Brian Azzarello Artist: Alex Maleev DC Comics: Black Label, October 2021 American publisher DC Comics has (with an eye upon commercially benefiting from the goodwill generated by the successful 2021 motion picture, The Suicide Squad), released a new title, Suicide Squad: Get Joker!, under its Black Label imprint. The Black Label imprint is the … Read more

Suicide Squad #1-2 (review)

Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Bruno Redondo DC Comics, February – March 2020 We recently re-read American writer John Ostrander’s brilliant 1980s title, Suicide Squad. The concept of captured super-powered villains coerced into secret government missions still leaves us with the opinion that Mr Ostrander was engaging in the preparation and delivery of comic book haute … Read more