World Comic Book Review

23rd September 2023

A dream! A hoax! An imaginary story!

“A dream! A hoax! An imaginary story!”
The amazing team-up blog of Ross Pearsall.
Review by DG Stewart, 14 January 2015


Blogger and creative talent Ross Pearsall has been the subject of many online discussions relating to his remarkably creative and fun work in producing fictional comic book covers on the site Super-Team Family: …the Lost Issues! .

World Comic Book Review interviewed him this week.

WCBR: How long have you been doing these covers? What inspired you to do this?

Ross Pearsall: The covers began with me imagining what The Brave and the Bold would have been like if it had continued. I used MS Paint to mash up existing artwork into new imaginary covers. I tried to team Batman up only with DC characters that were published around the time the original B&B series ran, using Jim Aparo artwork whenever possible, to make the covers that I thought might have actually appeared. Upon exhausting that concept, I started to branch out, using heroes from Marvel and elsewhere. This eventually led to me switching titles, using Marvel Two-In-One, with The Thing as the anchor hero hosting rotating guest stars. People seemed to get a kick out of these when I posted them on a message board and when it was suggested I start a blog, I did so in April of 2010. After a while I decided to step things up by switching to Photoshop for creating the covers and switching the core title once again to Super Team Family, which could encompass any type of team up I could come up with. The concept I started with was – “What is Super-Team Family ran forever, with access to any character from anywhere?” That’s broad enough to allow me to feature all the characters and creators that I admire. I switched from MS Paint to Photoshop after over 500 B&B and MTIO covers and 320 or so STF covers. It was a learning curve, but eventually it opened a whole new world of possibilities for me. That said, I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with a relatively simple program like MS Paint while I was using it.

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