World Comic Book Review

20th September 2023

The Mighty Thor #1 (Review)


The Mighty Thor #1 Marvel Comics, July 2018 Writer: Jason Aaron Jason Aaron continues his helmsmanship of the two Thor comics, a multidimensional superhero saga, loosely grounded in Norse mythology, published by American superhero publisher Marvel Comics. Mr Aaron has been writing Thor’s adventures since 2012. We have spent a lot of time and used … Read more

Phoenix and the Three Thors: The Mighty Thor #19-21 (Review)

The Mighty Thor #19-21 Marvel Comics, July 2017 Writer: Jason Aaron These new issues, the latest in a very entertaining run from writer Jason Aaron, continues the adventures of Jane Foster, who has taken on the mantle of the God of Thunder. The title is published by US comic book publisher Marvel Comics. The benefit … Read more

Diversity at Marvel Comics: “Avengers” #6 (Review)

Diversity at Marvel Comics: “Avengers” #6 Marvel Comics, May 2017 Writer: Mark Waid An executive manager of American comic book publisher Marvel Comics was last week reported as blaming the recent shift into gender and ethnic diversity amongst its character properties as the reason for a sharp decline in sales. The observation has been controversial … Read more