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23rd September 2023


Jean Grey #1 (review)

Writer: Louise Simonson Art: Bernard Chang Marvel Comics, 2023 Jean Grey is dead, again, and she is not particularly surprised about it. The long-standing character, a charter member of Marvel Comics’ headline mutant title Uncanny X-Men and its numerous spawn, is probably the record holder for death and revival even...

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Dog Man (review)

Creator: Dav Pilkey Scholastic, 2016-2023 Usually, when a purportedly serious website such as this one talks about Dog Man, the focus is on its enormous commercial success, and the sheer brilliance in finding and filling a niche with a simple idea. This review has a more profound take on what...

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SUPERMAN YEAR ONE (revisited)—”Or not”

Story and Art: Frank Miller, John Romita Jr.           Inks and Colors: Danny Miki, Alex Sinclair DC Comics, 2019 TEARFULLY I TREAD the remains of two stellar careers. The oversize “prestige” format of SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE with the names of writer/artist team Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. stamped on top...

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Nemesis Reloaded (review)

Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Jorge Jiménez Image Comics, July 2023 (collected edition) Here is the promotional copy from Image Comics for this title: The world’s most evil comic book is back! Who is Nemesis, and why does this eccentric billionaire who dresses up in a mask and cape want to...

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Cavity #1 (review)

Writer / Artist: Justin Randall Gestalt Comics, 2023 There must be a word to describe the genre of horror science fiction which involves the sort of dead, remote Australia most people are only familiar with from the Mad Max movies. “Outback dystopia”, perhaps, which sounds much better than “Road Warrior...

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Ultimate Invasion #1 (review)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Penciller: Bryan Hitch Marvel Comics, August 2023 Warren Ellis watched it unfold, back in 2000. In Come in Alone, a collection of his essays on the American comic book industry, Mr Ellis railed against myopic superhero fans who did not want the impenetrable continuity of Marvel Comics...

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The Magic Order (Volume 2) (review)

Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Stuart Immomen Image Comics, May 2022 The marketing copy for the second volume of The Magic Order reads as follows: A magical turf war like you’ve never seen before! The London chapter of the Magic Order has entered the scene, and these tough Guy Ritchie-style gangsters...

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A CALCULATED MAN—”Make room for romance”

Writer: Paul Tobin Artist: Alberto Alburquerque Colorist: Mark Englert Aftershock 2022 A CLEVER STRIDE COURSES through the four-issue mini-series A CALCULATED MAN (2022), inviting you to follow along through little layers of real-life activities of super-smart guy Jack Beans, our hero, sort of, as he pursues his agenda. Scenes shift...

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