World Comic Book Review

27th November 2023


Batman: The Imposter (collected edition) (review)

Writer: Mattson Tomlin Artist: Andrea Sorrentino DC Comics, 2021 If we had to choose the best superhero comic book so far this decade, it must be Batman: The Imposter. The story has been issued under American superhero comic publisher DC Comics’ Black Label imprint. As we have previously discussed, the...

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Arrowheads (review)

Creator: Steven Christie Independently published, 2018 Once upon a time, your reviewer completed an Arts degree, and was required to read Ways of Seeing. This text was written by John Berger in 1972. It was concerned with how elitism and misogyny pervades the arts and advertising. But for impressionable undergraduates,...

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Door Knocker (review)

Creator: Ben Juers Glom Press, February 2021 Political pollsters, those people who call on the phone, stop people in the street, or knock on doors, must be amongst that category of the career-depressed that include patent attorneys and change management consultants. Those sorts of professionals wonder how it is that...

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The Devil That Wears My Face #1 (review)

Writer: David Pepose Artist: Alex Cormack Mad Cave, October 2023 David Pepose, we suppose, is best known to American comic book readers from his entertaining superhero time travelling adventure on Savage Avengers for Marvel Comics, the first issue of which we reviewed back in May 2022: Savage Avengers #1 (Review)...

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STARWARD—“Happy twentieth to me”

Writer: Steve Orlando Artist: Ivan Shavrin Heavy Metal, 2022 FINALLY A REAL GODDESS appears. She is one of seven daughters of Atlas scattered “all of time ago” by invading Kaos on the day Atlas flinched (or shrugged), “drawing blood before the dew had dried on creation.” Good start. An interstellar...

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Jean Grey #1 (review)

Writer: Louise Simonson Art: Bernard Chang Marvel Comics, 2023 Jean Grey is dead, again, and she is not particularly surprised about it. The long-standing character, a charter member of Marvel Comics’ headline mutant title Uncanny X-Men and its numerous spawn, is probably the record holder for death and revival even...

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Dog Man (review)

Creator: Dav Pilkey Scholastic, 2016-2023 Usually, when a purportedly serious website such as this one talks about Dog Man, the focus is on its enormous commercial success, and the sheer brilliance in finding and filling a niche with a simple idea. This review has a more profound take on what...

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