World Comic Book Review

23rd February 2024

The Exterminators (revisited) – “Spare me the awesome burden of our last days oh lord”

Writer: Simon Oliver Artist: Tony Moore Vertigo Comics, 2006 DUMB FASCINATION AND HORROR propelled me through Issue 1 of THE EXTERMINATORS off a 10-cent rack, the pages crinkled with water damage, and a giant cockroach on the cover. The title appeared in thirty issues starting in 2006. Needing more, I carried around a stack of … Read more

The World Ends in Fire #1-4 (Review)

Writer – DC Horn Artist – Brendan Albetski Xancon Entertainment, 2023 We have previously written about the masterful title Kill 6 Billion Demons (see Part of that title’s appeal is the awesome chaos of literal titans and demons in a quest for ultimate power. The World Ends in Fire could be part of that … Read more

Gridley #1 (review) – The Exile

Creator: Sid Quade Self-published, July 2023 Giles Gridley and his sister Alexandra are of the Kaftar people, who live in a desert city reminiscent of Timbuktu. The story begins with Giles rummaging around his house, looking for things to take with him as he prepares for exile on the orders of the city’s leader, Chieftain … Read more

Arrowheads (review)

Creator: Steven Christie Independently published, 2018 Once upon a time, your reviewer completed an Arts degree, and was required to read Ways of Seeing. This text was written by John Berger in 1972. It was concerned with how elitism and misogyny pervades the arts and advertising. But for impressionable undergraduates, Ways of Seeing was the … Read more