World Comic Book Review

19th September 2023

Personal Growth (review)

Creator: Sarah Milne Amplified Press, February 2022 In his spare time (and it is not much of a secret to regular readers after WCBR’s ongoing life span of six years) this reviewer is an intellectual property lawyer. The copyright notice on this comic, entitled Personal Growth, ends with a singularly unique sentence: “Breakfast of Champignons”. … Read more

The Con Artists (review)

Creator: Luke Healy Faber & Faber, 2022 After a work-related hiatus of two months, WCBR returns. The Con Artists is a slice of life comic book created by Luke Healy, and published by Faber & Faber in 2022. (Faber & Faber is not known for publishing comics, and so we decided to categorise this as … Read more

Swimsuit (review)

Creator: Rachel Ang Glom Press, 2018 Australian comic book publisher Glom Press had a presence at the 2022 Perth Comics Arts Festival, and this critic picked up two of the house’s titles, Psychic Hotline (which we will review next week) and the remarkable Swimsuit. Here is the amazingly brief promotional copy for Swimsuit, from the … Read more

Images of “Omaha The Cat Dancer” (1992) (review): Benefit for Reed Waller—“Love is all around”

by Various Artists and Bozos Kitchen Sink, 1992 RUMMAGING AROUND FUTURE DREAMS overstuffed comics and books fantasy shop, I turned over a neglected stack on a bottom shelf and found a square envelope with a logo I immediately recognized: a totem of wings spread down and across, framing a tousled heart in the corner with … Read more