World Comic Book Review

2nd October 2023

Cavity #1 (review)

Writer / Artist: Justin Randall Gestalt Comics, 2023 There must be a word to describe the genre of horror science fiction which involves the sort of dead, remote Australia most people are only familiar with from the Mad Max movies. “Outback dystopia”, perhaps, which sounds much better than “Road Warrior Australian”. This title, Cavity, is … Read more

The Magic Order (Volume 2) (review)

Writer: Mark Millar Artist: Stuart Immomen Image Comics, May 2022 The marketing copy for the second volume of The Magic Order reads as follows: A magical turf war like you’ve never seen before! The London chapter of the Magic Order has entered the scene, and these tough Guy Ritchie-style gangsters have a problem with the … Read more

HEART EYES (review) —”Come we are one”

Writer: Dennis Hopeless Artists: Victor Ibáñez, Addison Duke Vault 2023 LIFE UNDER A MICROSCOPE looks scary. The tale of teen-girl Lupe in the five-issues of HEART EYES, just out in 2023, appears to be a huge allegory of life under a microscope, magnifying those eensy-weensy alien microbes in our guts, which have co-existed in creatures … Read more

Cold Blood, Libel, and Forlorn Love: Adventure Comics #431 – #440 (1974-5) – The Spectre (revisited)

Writer: Michael Fleisher Artist: Jim Aparo DC Comics, 1974-1975 Recently, your reviewer has been revisiting stories from his childhood, including Adventure Comics. Adventure Comics was a long-standing depository for a wide variety of minor DC Comics’ characters: Superboy, Supergirl, Starman, Plastic Man, Black Orchid, Aquaman, Deadman, and Dial H for Hero. Its purpose was far … Read more