World Comic Book Review

2nd October 2023

Happy 40th birthday, Frank Miller’s Ronin (revisited)

Writer / artist: Frank Miller DC Comics, 1983-1984 Critiquing this comic brings your reviewer a deep sense of nostalgia: being baffled by the cost and mysterious subject matter of the first issue sitting in a spinner rack, hesitatingly pulling it out of the rack for a quick flick, and being immediately entranced by the story … Read more

HEART EYES (review) —”Come we are one”

Writer: Dennis Hopeless Artists: Victor Ibáñez, Addison Duke Vault 2023 LIFE UNDER A MICROSCOPE looks scary. The tale of teen-girl Lupe in the five-issues of HEART EYES, just out in 2023, appears to be a huge allegory of life under a microscope, magnifying those eensy-weensy alien microbes in our guts, which have co-existed in creatures … Read more

Giga #5 (review)

Writer: Alex Paknadel Artist: John Lê Vault Comics, 2023 This science fiction title, conceptually to do with the interaction of artificial intelligence and ethics, with a dystopian landscape of ruined mechas thrown in for good measure, sadly nears its conclusion. We have previously reviewed the issues 1 through to 3 of this title: . … Read more