World Comic Book Review

4th March 2024

Happy 50th birthday, Wolverine

Creators: Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita Sr., Herbe Trimpe Marvel Comics, October / November 1974 No doubt Marvel Comics has a great celebration planned for later in the year, but we thought we would get in first with our sincere congratulations to Wolverine, Canada’s most famous costumed comic book character (published by Americans). Wolverine … Read more

Lost in the Shuffle #1 (review)

Creator: Alex M Clark Independently published, 2023 Lost in the Shuffle is an independent title created by Alex M Clark. Mr Clark’s slightly goofy artistic style sucked us in. We were expecting humorous hijinks, along the lines of a Guy Ritchie caper or The Blues Brothers. The protagonist, a gambling addict named Quinn, must pay … Read more

The World Ends in Fire #1-4 (Review)

Writer – DC Horn Artist – Brendan Albetski Xancon Entertainment, 2023 We have previously written about the masterful title Kill 6 Billion Demons (see Part of that title’s appeal is the awesome chaos of literal titans and demons in a quest for ultimate power. The World Ends in Fire could be part of that … Read more