World Comic Book Review

9th April 2024

GENU volume 1 (review)

Creators: Tommaso Todesca, Alex Franquelli, Giulio Tomassy Markosia Enterprises Ltd; Illustrated edition (20 April 2020) ** We, Homo Sapiens, represent the evolutionary zenith of the genus Homo: we have created scientific and technological miracles in less than 300,000 years. Before us, however, another Homo species lived on Earth for almost 2 million years. That species … Read more

Clara de noche (review)

Writers : Carlos Trillo & Eduardo Maicas Artist : Jordi Bernet El Jueves (Spain), Página 12 (Argentina) 1992-2005 Prostitution is a concept we usually have quite a few problems with. On the one hand, it is a matter of using another person’s body. On the other we should be ready to state that, if both … Read more

Video Girl Ai (revisited)

Writer/Artist : Masakazu Katsura Weekly Shonen Jump, December 1989-April 1992 It is trite to say that love, as a concept, is something not so easy to explain. We do not mean that love cannot be analyzed and presented in a clear form, but rather, it can both be seen as something more fluid than we … Read more