World Comic Book Review

5th June 2023

Marvel Visionaries – John Romita Jr (revisited) – —“Art spills into life”

Writers: Various Artist: John Romita Jr. Marvel Comics ACHIEVING PERFECT PERSPECTIVE and flowing figures captured in a few lines looks like magic coming to life. Such simple things often have an astonishing affect. On holiday, reading back issues from the stacks, I found I liked a couple Spider-Man issues with different titles, and disliked others. … Read more

THE MAN-EATERS OF ZAMBOULA (review)—”Vigorous youth rock the ages”

Writer/Artist: Gess Ablaze 2020 FOUR THOUSAND YEARS AGO ancient cities of grand proportions flourished in Sumeria, Egypt, India, and China. In China, and in Palestine, blast furnaces made case-hardened iron millennia before engineers in the West introduced steel. Fine civilization as we know it today has vestiges far older than is easily imaginable. Bringing these … Read more