World Comic Book Review

10th April 2024

TOE & SO LONG (review) —“Many doors lead to the same place”

Creator: Jacob Michael Campbell Illustrator: Alexis Vivallo Crude Rose 2023 AN ADOLESCENT DREAM plays with images of doors scattered in the distance across a rolling meadow, and zooms in on two traveling partners on the move, a doughboy‑guy with sharp toes and fingers named Toe, and a curly cat named So Long, searching “seemingly always” … Read more

GRRL SCOUTS: MAGIC SOCKS (revisited)— “Rock your socks off”

Creator: Jim Mahfood Coloring: Justin Stewart Image Comics, 2017 THUMPING BEATS and screeching melodies push you through the swooshing tunnel of GRRL SCOUTS: MAGIC SOCKS by wired artist Jim Mahfood, till you end prostrate and exhausted, trembling on a blood‑soaked street. Your bruised mind looks warily around as shredded debris drifts peacefully to rest. There … Read more