World Comic Book Review

10th April 2024

West Coast Comic Anthology (review)

Creators: Gavin Aung Than, Campbell Whyte, Tim McEwen, Bruce Mutard, Tim Meakins, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Brenton McKenna, Edward J. Grug III, Jessica McLeod, Bernard Caleo, Stuart Medley, Mike Greaney, Stacy Gougoulis, Leonie Brialey, Jessica Robley, Aska Illustration, Amy Ge, Nathan Vass Viney, Lola Baldsing, Nina Dakin, Sarah Winifred Searle, Andrei Buters, Tyson Elmer, Alyce Sarich, Annie … Read more

DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 (Review)

DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 DC Comics, December 2017 Writers: Various (Christopher Priest, Jeff Lemire, Dennis O’Neil, Tom King, Greg Rucka, Various, Joshua Williamson, Shea Fontana) ‘Tis the season. DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 is a 96-page comic book from American publisher DC Comics. It serves as a holiday special featuring many of its mainstream … Read more