World Comic Book Review

10th April 2024

Revisiting Free Comic Book Day in 2019: Spooksville / Street Fighter (a comparative review) —“Come say boo to my face buddy”

Writers: Pat Shand, Mike Wolfer/Ken Siu-Chong Artists: Eric Shanower/Omar Dogan American Mythology/Udon, 2019 A GHOST NUDGED MY ARM while rifling stacks on Free Comic Book Day in 2019, couldn’t help it, I came home with Casper’s “Spooksville,” a reissue of CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST, whom I formerly knew well from the age of diapers and … Read more

Grafity’s Wall (revisited)

Writer : Ram V Artist : Anand Radhakrishnan Publisher : Dark Horse Year : 2018 A wall is supposed to be used to keep unwanted elements outside; these can either be the cold period of winter, the hellishly hot days of summer, or even creatures, ranging from dogs and cats (usually those which do not … Read more