World Comic Book Review

23rd September 2023

Creatures with Purpose (review)

Soph Letizia, 2023 This zine, Creatures with Purpose, is described as an anthology, but in reality, it is a series of vignettes with the common theme of improbable creatures. The characters range from stereotypically lime green and big-headed aliens, to two brown ants grimly hanging on for life on the edge of a toilet roll, … Read more

Cavity #1 (review)

Writer / Artist: Justin Randall Gestalt Comics, 2023 There must be a word to describe the genre of horror science fiction which involves the sort of dead, remote Australia most people are only familiar with from the Mad Max movies. “Outback dystopia”, perhaps, which sounds much better than “Road Warrior Australian”. This title, Cavity, is … Read more

Manta (review)

Creator: Jorden Allen-Barr Self-published, 2021 Jorden Allen-Barr is an Australian comic book creator who has been dabbling in ‘zines for some time. He is possibly a little too young and a little too new in the publishing industry for a retrospective (which is how this review started), but it is his collected works we are … Read more

Stoneseeker #1-2 (review)

Creator: Scott Pritchett Stoneseeker is a comic from Australian creator Scott Pritchett. The promotional copy for the first issue reads as follows: When Geologist Irin enters the snowy town of Peake, she asks the impossible – to cross the Floating Isles in search of a legend. Only one optimistic boy, Peake (named after the town), … Read more