World Comic Book Review

10th April 2024

Arrowheads (review)

Creator: Steven Christie Independently published, 2018 Once upon a time, your reviewer completed an Arts degree, and was required to read Ways of Seeing. This text was written by John Berger in 1972. It was concerned with how elitism and misogyny pervades the arts and advertising. But for impressionable undergraduates, Ways of Seeing was the … Read more

Creatures with Purpose (review)

Soph Letizia, 2023 This zine, Creatures with Purpose, is described as an anthology, but in reality, it is a series of vignettes with the common theme of improbable creatures. The characters range from stereotypically lime green and big-headed aliens, to two brown ants grimly hanging on for life on the edge of a toilet roll, … Read more