World Comic Book Review

23rd February 2024

Black Cloak Volume One (review)

Writer: Kelly Thompson Artist: Meredith McClaren Image Comics, September 2023 Kelly Thompson is a veteran writer of American superhero comic books, and who with artist Meredith McClaren has created a new series, Black Cloak, published by Image Comics. Reading Black Cloak, with its intermingled genres of fantasy, crime, science fiction, and royal intrigue, reminds us … Read more

Lost in the Shuffle #1 (review)

Creator: Alex M Clark Independently published, 2023 Lost in the Shuffle is an independent title created by Alex M Clark. Mr Clark’s slightly goofy artistic style sucked us in. We were expecting humorous hijinks, along the lines of a Guy Ritchie caper or The Blues Brothers. The protagonist, a gambling addict named Quinn, must pay … Read more

A CALCULATED MAN—”Make room for romance”

Writer: Paul Tobin Artist: Alberto Alburquerque Colorist: Mark Englert Aftershock 2022 A CLEVER STRIDE COURSES through the four-issue mini-series A CALCULATED MAN (2022), inviting you to follow along through little layers of real-life activities of super-smart guy Jack Beans, our hero, sort of, as he pursues his agenda. Scenes shift from Jack doing things, to … Read more

November Volume 1 – The Girl on the Roof (review)

Writer, Matt Fraction Artist Elsa Charretier Image Comics, November 9, 2019 Something sinister lurks beneath the waters of this 2019 collected volume of the title November. It is written by Matt Fraction, a well-known and award-winning comic book writer, and with art by Elsa Charretier, who is well known for her body of work for … Read more