World Comic Book Review

29th February 2024

Switchblade Stories #1-3 (review)

Creator: Chris Askham 2021-22 Mindy Lou’s life didn’t quite work out the way she wanted. But does she really know what she wants? A cataclysmic event in her day to day existence sets her on a new path of discovery. Switchblade Stories is a mash-up of the romance comics of the 1950’s and the exploitation movies … Read more

22 Brides (revisited)—“Give me the nerve to hit a nerve”

Writer: Fabian Nicieza Artists: Scott Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti Event Comics, 1996 ARTISTS CAN GO ANYWHERE they want. The record of their art allows us to follow. Even at a distance we can walk their corridors, whistle their tunes, enter their imaginations, and marvel a little how we keep talking so animatedly to someone is long … Read more

Friday (review): Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin look at child detectives and what kind of adults they could grow up to be.

Now, imagine Encyclopedia Brown taking on cases that involve Lovecraftian nightmare creatures, but with the New England flavor swapped out for a Mid Western taste profile. That’s the second half of the equation from two creators named Marcos and Ed. One could tell you what the third part of the formula is… but that would … Read more