World Comic Book Review

19th April 2024

Gridley #1 (review) – The Exile

Creator: Sid Quade Self-published, July 2023 Giles Gridley and his sister Alexandra are of the Kaftar people, who live in a desert city reminiscent of Timbuktu. The story begins with Giles rummaging around his house, looking for things to take with him as he prepares for exile on the orders of the city’s leader, Chieftain … Read more

The Books of Magic Volume 1 (revisited)

Writer: Neil Gaiman Art: John Bolton, Scott Hampton, Charles Vess, and Paul Johnson DC Comics, 1990-1991. The Books of Magic reminds us of debris on a beach, an almost random collection of dried objects bleaching in the sun. The Books of Magic was, in its first incarnation, a periodical issued by American comic book publisher … Read more