World Comic Book Review

29th September 2023

ALL GUTS, NO GLORY (review)—”Try to say no”

Writer: Ralph Tedesco Artists: Jordi Tarragona, Guillermo Fajardo, Walter Pereyra Zenescope, January 2022 BEEN CRUISING BACK-ALLEY scenes lately, haunting those small clubs behind dark portals in brick façades: inside shadowed, packed, humming. Just ripe. Rhythms of the night depend on these holes in the wall. Blood rises. I creep toward one place behind two guys … Read more

Personal Growth (review)

Creator: Sarah Milne Amplified Press, February 2022 In his spare time (and it is not much of a secret to regular readers after WCBR’s ongoing life span of six years) this reviewer is an intellectual property lawyer. The copyright notice on this comic, entitled Personal Growth, ends with a singularly unique sentence: “Breakfast of Champignons”. … Read more

Blackhart Manor (review)

Co-creator: Marinus Reininga Co-creator and writer: Gilbert Deltrez Artist: JL Giles Call of the Void, November 2021 Why is H.P. Lovecraft so popular almost a century after he created his first work in the Cthulhu mythos? The text itself is often prolix, expository, and clumsy. The man himself was a horrible racist. Mr Lovecraft’s monsters … Read more