World Comic Book Review

18th April 2024

Video Girl Ai (revisited)

Writer/Artist : Masakazu Katsura Weekly Shonen Jump, December 1989-April 1992 It is trite to say that love, as a concept, is something not so easy to explain. We do not mean that love cannot be analyzed and presented in a clear form, but rather, it can both be seen as something more fluid than we … Read more

Maison Ikkoku (review and interview)

Writer/Artist : Rumiko Takahashi Shogakukan, 1980-1987 English Edition : Viz – Collector’s Edition Translator : Matt Treyvaud Love, as a topic in literature, usually means that there is someone who loves somebody, which leads to the fact that there must be something that prevents them from being together. If, in the end, they manage to … Read more

Disappearance Diary (review)

Writer/Artist : Hideo Azuma Translators : Kumar Sivasubramanian & Elizabeth Tiernan Publisher : Ponent Mon, 2005 Depression, a concept we are so used to nowadays, is that kind of feeling that leads to a complete numbness of our mental capacity. There seems to be no easy way out, in such cases, so that the end … Read more

Nonnonba (review)

Writer/Artist : Shigeru Mizuki Translator : Jocelyne Allen Published by : Drawn & Quarterly Year : 2019 (Original Japanese text: 1977) Time and time again we are reminded of how the past has been building up into our present, the structure of lost events being reproduced into the ever-changing and ever-still momentum of the “here … Read more