World Comic Book Review

2nd March 2024

The Human Target #12 (review) – a eulogy for Christopher Chance

Writer: Tom King Artist: Greg Smallwood DC Comics (Black Label), 2022-2023 DC Comics chose to publish this title under its Skunkworks imprint Black Label for good reason. The final issue, which we consider in this review, features the death of title character, Christopher Chance, also known as The Human Target. Even in the yoyo death-afterlife-and-life … Read more

Monroe and Murphy #1 (review) —“He needs a heart to hang onto”

Writer: Stephen Peeples Art: Nicolò Arcuti Independent, 2022 FRIENDS ARE SOMETIMES a big mystery, like a different species. Sometimes in a floating world they actually are a different species. The first issue of newly released independent strip MONROE & MURPHY gives us a fox boss, a tiger husband, a koala sidekick, and other creatures surrounding … Read more

“100 Bullets” revisited, Part 1 of 3: Croatoa, MK Ultra, and the induced amnesia of the Minutemen

Writer: Brian Azzarello Artist: Eduardo Risso Vertigo Comics, 1999-2009 As ever, this review contains spoilers. It seems an odd thing to have to warn readers that this review contains insights into critical plot developments and twists, given the title concluded publication twelve years ago. Such is the compelling nature of the extended chess game that … Read more