World Comic Book Review

11th April 2024

The Ghost System #1 (review)

Writer: David Wilburn Artist: Rafael Romeo Magat Broken Face Comics, November 2023 For a waypoint of the genre of science, cyberpunk was brief, inherently doomed to obsolescence but its very nature. Near-visions of the future are quickly overtaken by reality. But cyberpunk has benefited from a relatively recent 1980s nostalgia revival, in pop culture fuelled … Read more

Finale (review)

Writer/creator: Travis Corwin Illustrator: Phillip Ginn November 2023 There could be a new sub-genre of science fiction called Pandemic Dystopia. We have reviewed a number of titles over the past few years which are either about or have been triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is another one, entitled Finale, an independent publication by Travis … Read more