World Comic Book Review

10th April 2024

Brooklyn Tattoo (review) – “Live to print, print to live”

Creator: Adam Suerte with contributions by Mark Bodē, Sophie Crumb, Myke Maldonado, Jason Mitchell Urban Folk Art Studios 2022 BODY AS CANVAS goes along with walls as canvas, paper, t‑shirts, anything that takes ink. I was pleased to find artist creator Adam Suerte in BROOKLYN TATTOO, a 150-page bio-graphic of his life as a tattoo … Read more

Asleep in the Back (review)

Writer / artist: Tim Bird Avery Hill Press, 2023 “Time drives onwards. Year after year like a constant stream of traffic flowing endlessly along the motorway,” is a beautiful observation contained in this title, Asleep in the Back, created by Tim Bird and published by Avery Hill Press. Avery Hill Press, in our experience, rarely … Read more