World Comic Book Review

27th September 2023

The Human Target #12 (review) – a eulogy for Christopher Chance

Writer: Tom King Artist: Greg Smallwood DC Comics (Black Label), 2022-2023 DC Comics chose to publish this title under its Skunkworks imprint Black Label for good reason. The final issue, which we consider in this review, features the death of title character, Christopher Chance, also known as The Human Target. Even in the yoyo death-afterlife-and-life … Read more

Waller v Wildstorm #2 (review)

Writer: Spencer Ackerman Artists: Even Narcisse, Jesus Merino, Jorge Fornes DC Comics (Black Label imprint), June 2023 Such high hopes we had for this title. Here is the promotional copy: The island nation of Gamorra is eager for American investment—and even more eager for American metahuman weapons. Amanda Waller has just what they want: the … Read more

Marvel Visionaries – John Romita Jr (revisited) – —“Art spills into life”

Writers: Various Artist: John Romita Jr. Marvel Comics ACHIEVING PERFECT PERSPECTIVE and flowing figures captured in a few lines looks like magic coming to life. Such simple things often have an astonishing affect. On holiday, reading back issues from the stacks, I found I liked a couple Spider-Man issues with different titles, and disliked others. … Read more