World Comic Book Review

2nd March 2024

Asleep in the Back (review)

Writer / artist: Tim Bird Avery Hill Press, 2023 “Time drives onwards. Year after year like a constant stream of traffic flowing endlessly along the motorway,” is a beautiful observation contained in this title, Asleep in the Back, created by Tim Bird and published by Avery Hill Press. Avery Hill Press, in our experience, rarely … Read more

CURSES—”Disdain Elimination Damages (…read more)”

Created by George Wylesol Avery Hill 2023 BASEMENT HOSPITAL CORRIDORS go on for fifty, one hundred, maybe more miles and miles of corridors, with one person at night on duty centered in a small office where he has a desk and a computer, surrounded by winding emptiness. This is the first long story in the … Read more

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files (review)—“Under house arrest awaiting a sentence”

Author: John Wagner et al. Artist: Brian Bolland, Ian Gibson, Andrew Currie et al. Rebellion / 2000AD, 2022 UNTETHER THE HOUNDS of justice. In younger years I was wary of police and would never have warmed up to a strip hero like super-cop JUDGE DREDD then dominating headlines in the UK and Commonwealth countries and … Read more

Breakwater (Review)

Creator: Katriona Chapman Avery Hill Press, 2021 Katriona Chapman’s Breakwater is a non-fiction graphic novel centered on the mundane life of Chris, a woman in her 40s who is an introverted loner that spent a large part of her life working in a local theater called Breakwater Picture House. The copy to the title reads … Read more