World Comic Book Review

23rd September 2023

Doc Alpha: Miracle Child (review)

Writer – S.A. Rivera Artist – Jeff Kraven October 2019 This title’s blurb on the Amazon website: Dr. Alpha is one of the most dangerous supervillains in the galaxy. However, when another evil genius Molvion the Martian Mastermind returns with a massive armada, the superhero Glorious and his teammates must enlist the good doctor to … Read more

Adam Strange, Mystery in Space (revisited)—“My sweetheart lives a trillion miles away”

Story: Gardner Fox Art: Carmine Infantino DC Comics, 1961-1962 THE WAY WE LEARNED to swim underwater with aqua-lungs and fins in the 1940s made it obvious humans would soon have personal rocket packs to fly in the skies with the same fishy fluency. The first good part about Adam Strange and his alien girlfriend Alanna … Read more

Happy 20th birthday, The Power Company (and a nostalgic look at the long-lost DCMBs)

Writer: Kurt Busiek Art: Tom Grummett DC Comics, 2002 Back in 2002, long before the days of social media platforms, American publisher DC Comics operated a message board antecedent to its main website. Several creators frequented the DCMBs, as these message boards were known, mostly to help generate sales but also to interact with the … Read more

Shark of War #5 (review)

Writer and Artist: Ben Lacy Biting Comics, 2022 Rather sadly, in 2019, a friendly and inquisitive Beluga whale was found swimming off the coast of Norway with a camera attached to a harness around its neck. The BBC website reported at the time: “An investigation was launched by Norway’s domestic intelligence agency, which has since … Read more