World Comic Book Review

4th March 2024

Basilisk (review)—“Holster that green gun”

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artists: Jonas Scharf, Alex Guimarães Boom! Comics, 2021 POTENT SYMBOLS EASILY JUMP boundaries to arrive at a different context, attaching to other contents in a jolt of recognition. Simple emblems like a circle within a circle continue to mystify me. This perspective crept over me during the spectacle of horror in BASILISK … Read more

Once & Future (review)—“The night reawakens”

Writer: Kieron Gillen Artists: Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain Boom! Comics, August 2019 – ongoing A FOREBODING WELSH CHRONICLE of 1200, some six centuries after the mythical age of King Arthur, claimed his grave would lay concealed until Doomsday, and folk from Cornwall and Brittany across the English Channel shared the conviction, all being the last … Read more