World Comic Book Review

26th February 2024

Shake the Lake #1 (Review)

Shake the Lake #1
North Air Entertainment and Elevated
Writer: Zach Block

“Dude, I know you need college money but you gotta unwind. No goals. I’ve got it under control. Always do. I need to hear you say that.”

“Shake the Lake” #1 is an enigma. On the face of it this is a coming of age story based in Lake Shasta in California, whereby a group of male friends in their late teens spend all of their spare time wake boarding and partying. The crew bounce on trampolines indoors with wakeboards strapped to their feet and thereby break the ceiling fan in their rental house. They drink to excess and make monumental beer can pyramids. “There’s a naked man in a tubie and a spray painted goat in the front yard!” yells Akbar the landlord as he evicts his youthful tenants. It is the essence of the college frat house motion picture “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, but set in 2016 instead of 1962.

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