World Comic Book Review

29th February 2024

Yo, asesino (revisited)

Writer : Antonio Altarriba Art : Keko Publisher : Norma Editorial – 2014 (Spanish edition) “Matar es un arte”, that is, killing is an art. What kind of art it is may lead the reader down a path that is better left sleeping. Yet, as curiosity is what makes man discover new inventions, so is … Read more

MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES (review) (or, “Send no bail I’ll escape on my own”)

Writer: Ed Brubaker Art: Sean Phillips Image Comics, October 2018 I CAN TELL A STORY IN PERFECT FAITH the facts are straight, and still be wrong. Light glances off the real in imaginary ripples before reaching us. This is how the art gripped me in this unsettling crime novella, as if seen in an intervening … Read more

.357 Magnum Opus (review)

Writer: Ghezal Omar Artist: Mingchen Shen Artillery Network, 2019 The comic draws upon the adult, sexualised themes and tight, compelling characterisation of 100 Bullets, even down to the title, which sounds like one of writer Brian Azzarello’s word plays. The story begins with Rhett, a minor player. Rhett is a broker for bounty hunters like … Read more