World Comic Book Review

18th April 2024

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (revisited)

Author: H.P. Lovecraft Artist (and adaption by) I.N.J. Culbard Self Made Hero, 2012 Contemporary fascination with the works of American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and his peers seems to have no end, despite his brand of horror now being almost a century old. Your critic was meandering through a gift store in a rural town … Read more

Blackhart Manor (review)

Co-creator: Marinus Reininga Co-creator and writer: Gilbert Deltrez Artist: JL Giles Call of the Void, November 2021 Why is H.P. Lovecraft so popular almost a century after he created his first work in the Cthulhu mythos? The text itself is often prolix, expository, and clumsy. The man himself was a horrible racist. Mr Lovecraft’s monsters … Read more