World Comic Book Review

12th April 2024

Dissident X (revisited)

Story and art: Arnold and Jacob Pander Dark Horse, December 2019 SOMEBODY MUST THINK IT’S FUNNY to put lies in the news to bamboozle the public, though we don’t know who, because it’s secret. “One thing’s for sure,” hero Hans Nobel muses as he spirals down a toxic drain into the sea, “the truth doesn’t … Read more

The Manara Library, Vol. 3: The Ape (review)—“Classic fable journeys to the West”

Writer: Silverio Pisu Artist: Milo Manara Dark Horse Comics, August 11, 2018 EVERY SCENE IS BIZARRE in the most tasteful way in the world of Milo Manara, like underground comix for the Medici. A few years ago I was pleased to find Dark Horse collected THE MANARA LIBRARY in nine handsome hardbound volumes, the last … Read more

Invisible Kingdom (volume 1) review

Dark Horse Comics / Berger Books, October 2019 Writer: G. Willow Wilson Artist: Christian Ward Invisible Kingdom is a science fiction epic set nowhere near Earth, involving humanoid aliens. Looking back through our various reviews over the past four years of our site’s existence, we cannot find an example of a review where we applaud … Read more