World Comic Book Review

19th April 2024

The Secret Society of Supervillains (1976 – 1977) (revisited)

Writers: Gerry Conway, David A. Kraft, Bob Rozakis Artist: Pablo Marcos, Vince Colleta, Ernie Chua, Rich Buckler, Bob Layton, Dick Ayers, Jack Abel, Joe Orlando, Mike Vosburg, Bob Smith, Bob McLeod DC Comics, May/June 1976 – June/July 1977 The subversion of DC Comics’ title The Secret Society of Super-Villains, published between 1976 and 1977, requires … Read more

Action Comics #1061 (review)

Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: John Timms DC Comics, March 2024. Reading Superman stories involving Bizarro, a flawed duplicate of Superman first appearing in 1958, is likely to induce a mild headache. Everything the character says needs to be read in the negative, and occasionally the double-negative. (Creator Otto Binder has a lot to answer for.) … Read more

Batman: The Imposter (collected edition) (review)

Writer: Mattson Tomlin Artist: Andrea Sorrentino DC Comics, 2021 If we had to choose the best superhero comic book so far this decade, it must be Batman: The Imposter. The story has been issued under American superhero comic publisher DC Comics’ Black Label imprint. As we have previously discussed, the Black Label imprint grants extended … Read more