World Comic Book Review

26th September 2023

Happy 40th birthday, Frank Miller’s Ronin (revisited)

Writer / artist: Frank Miller DC Comics, 1983-1984 Critiquing this comic brings your reviewer a deep sense of nostalgia: being baffled by the cost and mysterious subject matter of the first issue sitting in a spinner rack, hesitatingly pulling it out of the rack for a quick flick, and being immediately entranced by the story … Read more

The Human Target #12 (review) – a eulogy for Christopher Chance

Writer: Tom King Artist: Greg Smallwood DC Comics (Black Label), 2022-2023 DC Comics chose to publish this title under its Skunkworks imprint Black Label for good reason. The final issue, which we consider in this review, features the death of title character, Christopher Chance, also known as The Human Target. Even in the yoyo death-afterlife-and-life … Read more

Cold Blood, Libel, and Forlorn Love: Adventure Comics #431 – #440 (1974-5) – The Spectre (revisited)

Writer: Michael Fleisher Artist: Jim Aparo DC Comics, 1974-1975 Recently, your reviewer has been revisiting stories from his childhood, including Adventure Comics. Adventure Comics was a long-standing depository for a wide variety of minor DC Comics’ characters: Superboy, Supergirl, Starman, Plastic Man, Black Orchid, Aquaman, Deadman, and Dial H for Hero. Its purpose was far … Read more