World Comic Book Review

3rd March 2024

Happy 80th Birthday, Liberty Belle

Creators: Don Cameron and Chuck Winter DC Comics, Winter 1942 Liberty Belle debuted in Boy Commandos #1 in the middle of World War 2, when superhero comics were at the height of popularity. Liberty Belle was the alter ego of famous radio columnist Libby Lawrence, whose initial disguise was merely to part her hair in a … Read more

Nightwing #93 (review)

Writer: Tom Taylor  Art: Bruno Redondo and Wade Von Grawbadger DC Comics, August 2022 Why is this character so popular? In this issue, Nightwing (the alter ego of Batman’s original protege, Dick Grayson) and Oracle engage in doxxing the corrupt police of the fictional city of Bludhaven. The police commissioner of Bludhaven is the empty-eyed … Read more

Batman: Reptilian (review)

Writer : Garth Ennis Artist : Liam Sharp Publisher : DC Comics Year : 2021 (miniseries 1-6) Batman, as a character, has become part of global popular culture, popular being here a way of highlighting a certain anthropological and social attitude towards what might be called modern folklore. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, … Read more

Happy 40th birthday, All-Star Squadron

Writer: Roy Thomas Art: Rich Buckler, Jerry Ordway, Arvill Jones and others DC Comics, 1981-1987 It is hard as a fan of Roy Thomas’ grand revisionist work, All-Star Squadron, to believe that it has been 40 years since the series preview appeared in Justice League of America #193 (August 1981). The events of All-Star Squadron … Read more