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19th April 2024

Rock Candy Mountain #1 (Review)

Rock Candy Mountain #1 Image Comics, April 2017 Writer: Kyle Starks Many people have the impression that “hobo” and “tramp” are interchangeable terms for someone constantly traveling, usually impoverished, and generally homeless. To be fair, the terms have perhaps changed over time to be synonymous. But there is, at least technically, a dictionary distinction. A … Read more

Lucifer #13 (review)

Lucifer #13
Vertigo, December 21, 2016
Writers: Holly Black, Richard Kadrey

We reviewed the 1st issue of DC Comics’ 2016 relaunch of the Lucifer comic book series a year ago. In that first review of the first issue, we were of the opinion that the relaunch itself is inherently problematic by virtue of bringing back Lucifer (in so far as the character’s story was already told and wrapped up neatly in the pages of Mike Carey’s 2000-2006 series, leaving very little room for a new story, much less one that carries similar overtones). But we found no fault in the quality of the writing itself. New writer Holly Black’s Lucifer was consistent with Mike Carey’s Lucifer: the plotting in Ms Black’s renaissance of publisher Vertigo Comics’ most intriguing character – the Devil, as imagined in John Donne’s “Paradise Lost” (1667) but engaging in machinations both quiet and loud in contemporary times – is both solid and interesting.

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