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25th September 2023

No Magic: Dr Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1

“Dr Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme” #1 (review) Marvel Comics, October 2016 Writer: Robbie Thompson American publisher Marvel Comics very understandably wishes to capitalise upon the buzz around the latest Marvel Studios’ motion picture, “Dr Strange”. We have previously reviewed two “Dr Strange” titles: one very positive review of the accomplished writer Jason Aaron, and … Read more

REVIEW: Doctor Strange Prelude #1 (of 2)

Doctor Strange Prelude #1 (o f2) (review)
(Marvel Comics, September 2016)
Writer: Will Corona Pilgrim

“Dr Strange” is a forthcoming movie starring English actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Mr Cumberbatch is known for his colourful role in the esoteric British television adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books concerning fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. In the motion picture, Mr Cumberbatch plays Dr Stephen Strange, a physician who, following an accident which has ruined his hands, seeks out a Tibetan mystic. The mystic teaches sorcery to Dr Strange. The promotional teasers for the motion picture are striking and exciting.

The title to this particular comic notes that the story within does not sit within the shared continuity between comic book titles published by Disney-subsidiary Marvel Comics. Instead a red seal on the front cover proclaims, “Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Tie-In”. The title this seems intended to attract new readers who might be intrigued by the promotional activity around the forthcoming movie.

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Deadpool: The Last Days of Magic #1 (review)

Deadpool: The Last Days of Magic #1
(Marvel Comics, May 2016)
Writer: Gerru Duggan

“Deadpool” is one of a handful of superhero comic books that lean heavily towards contemporary humor and outrageous satire, while remaining in lockstep with American publisher Marvel Comics’ shared and rigid mainstream continuity. It is a setup that affords writers a relatively generous amount of creative freedom. But a problem with many “Deadpool” stories is that writers get so caught up on playing around with this freedom that they overlook conveying a cohesive and meaningful story.

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Dr Strange #1 (review): The Ectopathologist

Doctor Strange #1 [review]
(Marvel Comics, December 2015)
Writer: Jason Aaron
(Review by DG Stewart, 10 December 2015)

Many years ago, The Comics Journal published a critique of Marv Wolfman’s work on Adventures of Superman. The critique noted that Wolfman’s characterisation of Superman was off-kilter: Superman was prone to bursts of anger and was an easily manipulated pawn of the evil Vandal Savage. It would be as odd, noted the reviewer, as Doctor Strange being portrayed as street-wise and jive-talking.

In this iteration of the title, Doctor Strange still has his original 1950s moustache but otherwise has been “transmogrified” (Doctor Strange’s term) from a stodgy, slightly inaccessible character into the vehicle for a fun read. One night argue that this character transition has been happening for some time (notably as a foil to Deadpool’s zaniness), but this version has gone beyond “droll” to “quirky”. The initial battle with the “monastic tribe of ultra-dimensional soul-eaters” leads to the title character:

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