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29th February 2024

Snotgirl #1 (review)

Snotgirl #1 (review)
(Image Comics, July 2016)
Writer: Brian Lee O’Malley

“Snotgirl” is a new ongoing series from writer Brian Lee O’Malley, known for the highly successful action comedy comic title “Scott Pilgrim”. The title concerns the lead character Lottie Person, who is struggling with allergies that give her a runny nose at inopportune moments.

Like “Scott Pilgrim”, “Snotgirl” seems to be geared towards teenagers and twenty-somethings, but the main difference is that instead of videogames and geek culture, it focuses on the world of “fashion blogging.” The comic introduces Lottie Person as a quasi-famous fashion blogger living in downtown Los Angeles. She hangs around schoolmates and friends who are also prominent in the fashion blogging scene.

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