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12th April 2024

All Star Batman #1 (Review)

All Star Batman #1 (review)
(DC Comics, August 10, 2016)
Writer: Scott Snyder

The premise underpinning the first issue of a new title from American publisher DC Comics, entitled “All Star Batman”, will be impenetrable for most readers who are not up to date on the Batman mythos.

For those who are and who follow the adventures of masked vigilante and detective Batman, it is intriguing enough to warrant a read. Batman’s schizophrenic villain Two Face, who experiences tortuous phases between his personality as former Gotham district attorney Harvey Dent and his psychopathic alter ego, has become such a big problem that even mob bosses in the fictional backdrop of Gotham City helped Batman bring him down. The comic shows the aftermath of a recent failed plot that had something to do with acid rain falling on Gotham and injuring hundreds of people, followed by the Batman receiving a unique request from Harvey Dent.

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