World Comic Book Review

9th April 2024

Space Oddities #1 (review)

Writers: Ben Robinson and Jon Williams Artist: Jon Williams Independently published, March 2021 Space Oddities is a sci-fi adventure comic created by the effervescent duo of Ben Robinson and Jon Williams, with illustrations handled by the latter. (Messrs Robinson and Williams are well-known for their podcast, Geekxploration.) The comic is independently published and the first … Read more

Superpowers as an Industry: Power Broker #1 (review)

Power Broker #1 Review

Writer: Todd VicinoArtist: Jon Kutzer Independently published, 2018 Power Broker #1’s cover gives readers the impression of a standard superhero comic. It features a pair of of characters clad in skin-tight and color-coordinated costumes. Both are floating in the air while arcs of electricity illuminate the background. This cover, as attractive and exciting as it … Read more

Blazer! (review)

Writer: Steve MacManus Artists: Dan Cornwell, Colin Maxwell, Filippo Roncone, Pete Western, Andrew Richmond The 77 Publications, June 2021 “Press here to Enter!” This call to action sits in an arrow pointing to a button labelled “Ignition”. It sits on the corner of the cover page, the starting point for thumb and forefinger in the … Read more