World Comic Book Review

26th February 2024

The Dregs #1-2 (Review)

The Dregs #1-2 
Black Mask Studios
Writers: Zach Thompson and Lonnie Nadler

Many US comic books feature a “Letters to the Editor” section or an “Afterword” by the writer. This comic does not. In place of these communicative conventions that readers have come to expect, the issue instead concludes with a black-and-white photo of a man blowing bubbles.

This is part of a photo series called “Off Hours” by Thanh Nguyen which documents how those living on the streets of Vancouver enjoy themselves. In the words of the artist, the project’s “hope is to reveal a commonality: the desire to escape the grind of daily life through small acts of enjoyment.” Through this connection, the artist hopes the medium can engage the viewer on a social issue.

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