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10th April 2024

Gods and Monsters: Feng Shen Ji (review)

Feng Shen Ji
Bookone Creative LTD, Aug 24, 2015 – Apr 11, 2016
Writer: Zheng Jian He

A common thread running across different mythologies from different cultures, particularly those rooted in polytheism, is the concept of deities that are no less prone to corruption, indolence, and egotism as the mortals they seek to govern. The Chinese martial arts fantasy manhua “Feng Shen Ji”, written by Zheng Jian He, works under the same premise – that the powerful gods who govern life and death have within their ranks those driven by self-interest and those who have become drunk with their power, looking only at lesser gods and mortals as mere playthings.

At the center of the story is the Black Dragon, Tian, who was the strongest of the ancient gods. Tian single-handedly drove his enemies, known as the Dark Ones, deep into the pits of Hell. Tian also killed all the other ancient gods when they chose to betray him and his lover, White Dragon, out of fear. Tian serves the purpose of the god of gods in the story, being the creator of the world, the humans, and the lesser gods (called the Great Gods). These lesser gods are themselves fashioned using the life force of ancient gods, and use primitive humans as vessels.

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