World Comic Book Review

4th October 2023

The Batman Who Laughs #1: DC Comics’ worst, most poorly-thought through concept in its history is about to be published

The Batman Who Laughs #1 DC Comics, November 2017 Writer: Scott Snyder American superhero comic book publisher DC Comics has made some disturbing editorial decisions over recent years. These include: a. a plot around a weaponised baby, apparently in pain, courtesy of Geoff Johns in Justice League #50 (which we have previously reviewed) b. the … Read more

Batman: The Murder Machine (Review)

Batman: The Murder Machine DC Comics, October 2017 Writer:Frank Tieri Batman: The Murder Machine is yet another tie-in comic book for American publisher DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Metal cross-promotional event. The event features a group of villains, consisting of alternate reality versions of the Batman character. Each one has turned to evil and possesses superhuman … Read more