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24th February 2024

Champions #1 (review)

Champions #1 (review)
Marvel Comics, October 5, 2016
Writer: Mark Waid

Champions #1 is a new comic book series from American comic book publisher Marvel Comics. The title has a history within Marvel Comics. But this comic does not have anything to do with the “Champions” team from 1975, which featured characters from the X-Men franchise, Ice-Man and Angel, along with other slightly obscure characters, Black Widow, Hercules, and Ghost Rider. Instead, it introduces a new team consisting of young (both in terms of story and publishing history) characters: the popular, Muslim teenager, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), a space-based character called Nova (Sam Alexander), an alternative universe Spider-Man (Miles Morales), the newly re-vamped Hulk (Amadeus Cho), and Viv (the “daughter” of a robot from the Avengers title, called the Vision).

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