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3rd March 2024

Henry the Cantankerous Hamster #1 (Review)

Henry the Cantankerous Hamster #1 Rising Sun Comics, October 2015 Writer: Ryan Salazar If the basis of absurdity is surprise, then the muddling of anthropomorphic characters with stoner swearing should startle an adult audience into laughter. “Henry the Cantankerous Hamster” #1 was published in October 2015, and so would normally trigger our refusal to review … Read more

Collapse: Isolation #1 – Something to Take Your Mind Off the End of the World

Collapse: Isolation #1
Rising Sun Comics, October 1, 2015
Writers: R.P. Foster & Russ Pirozek

Rising Sun Comics’ “Collapse: Isolation” rides the current fin de siecle vogue of comic books that deal with a post-apocalyptic version of Earth. “Collapse”’s Earth has gone through a nuclear world war, which gave rise to mutated humans, who in turn waged war on normal humans before another bomb made the surface completely uninhabitable. This brief recap of what happened within the story in the comic occurred in a couple of pages, and unfortunately it is the only interesting part of the whole issue.

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